SprayDead vs. Melt Pads(Mat Products)

No Cutting Required - NO STINKY ASPHALT SMELL,EASY REINSTALLATION OF INTERIOR, NO SEAMS, NO CUTTING Easies way to eliminate your problem. As easy as painting a wall!
Easy spray-on application, environmentally safe, cleans up with soap & water and can be sanded and painted tp match body color.


Seamless Coatings


Old-fashioned Cutting

Thickness: .040" – .060"


Up to 1” thick(Adds alot of weight to Vehicle)



Many seams that separate over time

Covers body, frame,Cracks, Crevises


Leaves air Bubbles under material

Apply anywhere


Not inside door panels, Rear Quarters

Applies directly


Requires adhesives & Melts in cetain Degree Weather

Fast & Easy application


Labor intensive, Difficult,Ugly Finish

Water resistant


Absorbs and retains water

Seals/Protects surface


Can accelerate corrosion

Biodegradable, non-toxic, Water Based


Adhesives contain toxic chemicals & Smells

Cleans with soap and water


Solvent usually required

Low installed cost(Under 1.00 SqFt)


Product installation can be pricey

Awesome Looking Finish(Sandable and Paintable)
Ugly Seperating Seams, Melting Constantly Falling off